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Quick Office Document Triage

As people quite frequently ask me how I triage potentially malicious Microsoft Office documents, I decided to run through a quick analysis here.  Our specimen for that tutorial is a word document out of the malware collection published by @0xffff0800 on http://iec56w4ibovnb4wc.onion (URL might change. Check current address at @0xffff0800 attributes the […]

Attackers and RDP MRUs

Now I finally got the time to continue with mapping the data out of my Tanium RDP MRU Sensor. But first a couple of things. Two people responded to my last Blog entry and pointed me at the HKEY_Users hive (HKU) to get my data easier. And they are partly […]

Another DFIR Blog? Really?

Another DFIR Blog? Really?

WHY ? I’ve not been maintaining a blog for quite some time know. So why do I feel that ti now makes sense to start over again. Well, first and foremost whenever I develop new fancy threat detection mechanisms and strategies or run incident response engagements in my day job, or […]