LevelUp Labs

In my recent webcast for SANS Levelup (http://sans.org/u/ZAX) I suggest that all of you out there who want to become security professionals or want to improve their skills join forces to build DFIR labs (Hackmes) together.

The idea was, that you find like-minded people using the hashtag #leveluplabs on twitter. In the last weeks I had many people ask me how I’d set up something like that. In this and the next few episodes I’ll show how I set up my training lab.

The upcoming tutorials not only show how to set up a small fake company network but also how to set up a basic attacker infrastructure. The fake company network will consist of a domain controller and a few clients joined to the domain and maybe later a web server to increase the attack surface a bit. On the attacker site, I’ll use something like Metasploit, powershell empire or covenant. If you are lucky, you can team up with a penetration tester if you are a DFIR person or the other way round.

There will be at least 7 video tutorials to address the following topics. Today I’ll release the introduction part. Next week I’ll continue with building the fake company infrastructure.