Mathias Fuchs alias CyberFox blogging about DFIR and Cyber Security.

DFIR in 120 seconds

The industry is screaming for new people to join the hunt for evil. Even though there’s been a lot of improvement over the last couple of years we still fail to get enough capable people developed. I’m very grateful to have learned many valuable lessons in career so far and I want to give something back. So I decided to start a video-blog series focusing on DFIR. In every episode I’ll explain a forensic or security topic in 120 seconds. For every episode I’ll also provide further educational sources or even pointers to questions or labs. If you have any suggestions regarding the format or topics, please just ping me on Twitter

Episode 4 – Userassist

Episode 3 – Shimcache

Episode 2 – The Power of Stacking

Episode 1 – NTFS Timestamps